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Improv Yak

Aug 30, 2016

In episode 41 of Improv Yak, Carla and Monika Smith discuss the idea of the human experience in improvisation. They talk about Monika’s recent travels to China to help set up a curriculum for improv and sketch comedy at a new school, as well as their experiences being female improvisers and teachers in the...

Aug 18, 2016

In episode number forty of Improv Yak, Carla chats with teenage improvisers Kiernan Shipka and Isaac Spector about their experience performing in Detention Hall (AKA "Teen Troupe") at The Second City, as well as the friendship they've established over the past few years as a result of this...

Aug 8, 2016

In Episode 39 of Improv Yak, Carla chats with LA improviser and teacher, Brian O'Connell, about "Position Play" and "Deconstruction". Get out your notebooks and pens, this is one to take notes on!